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A low level flying creature of the Badlands, very much like spotted cows. They may look, and act like buzzards, but oh no. No... you are mistaken. These cows are clever and use jet-packs.. or maybe tiny and invisible flying mounts.

*note* Mounted flying cows cannot be mounted, and they WILL follow you. Be warned.
Wuntvor: I'm going to go over there.

Flying cows: I will follow you.

Wuntvor: Noooooooooo.

Flying cows: Ha. Laugh. Ha. Laugh. Ha. Moo.
by Aeirion, Mmmmm.. that guy. February 28, 2009
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A Cow that fleis through the world with a silver foot as it's guide. It has no mother or father as it was a clone made from the poop of another cow. He sometimes fights the evil squirrels of Gogo Bootopolis. He is the leader of a major religion (Cowism maybe you have heard of it).
WORSHIP THE COw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JapanLover September 30, 2004
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