A religion that is a parody of religion. This "religion" or "cult" obeys the prophet Bob Cretcham, who discovered the existence of the Holy Cows and the Flying Cows. The Holy Cows are the creators of Earth and protect all cows. Flying cows are what believers are reincarnated to after death in Cow Heaven. Believers are expected to follow nine commandments, which include saying a prayer every two seconds and sacrificing a gift for the Holy Cow. There was a video published on youtube based on Cowism, called 'COWISM-AMAZING NEW CULT! SOLVES EVERYTHING!'.
"Hey, what's your religion?"
"I believe in Cowism."
by flying4cows16 April 25, 2015
To have an extostential ammount of either, Ethnicities, Races, Species, a large ammount of asian fear of shit cumming (yes, cumming) out of your gludius maximus. (also known as your ass)

Holy shit! Zach been going Zarcho Phrabic Cowism Mcrapism Alienism Judism Asian Phobia Of Poop on us!
by Matthew Quick November 10, 2007