Japanese slang used for an orgasm. Has come to light recently because of the anime by the name of "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" has a song frequently played on the show called "Fly Away Now". It is used whenever the girls transform into their angel forms.
"Dude, i toootally made that girl fly away last night"

"yeah dude, i heard her clear across town"
by Pube God September 30, 2011
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A passive aggressive way of saying ‘get the fuck out of my way’. It is used to not swear but be intimate. It’s origins are from Nigeria but the phrase has slowly drifted to English boarding.
‘Fly-away if you don’t want to get hurt
by kurumlu18 March 26, 2020
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The wispy hairs one gets when their hair is not properly groomed. Often the shorter hairs before the ears and at the start of the forehead.
Her fly-aways made her look quite unkempt when she arrived to the dance.
by Chipmeister January 12, 2012
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Flying away is when you leave the place you grew up, by yourself, and you also leave your family (but not forever), usually to somewhere that is different than where you grew up. You don't have any intentions of returning, and you are leaving behind everyone for a better life.
an example of flying away is when you grow up in the midwest and move to the southwest coast in California because you hated cold weather, you are only coming back to see your family.
by Imperial Hotshot March 11, 2009
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where during sex, a girl bends over and gets a cactus shoved up her ass
Dustin: *while humping away* Loany, do you want to Fly Away To Narnia?
Loany: Sure, do it fast
Dustin: *grabs cactus
by 1492LikeABoss December 09, 2013
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