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Japanese slang used for an orgasm. Has come to light recently because of the anime by the name of "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" has a song frequently played on the show called "Fly Away Now". It is used whenever the girls transform into their angel forms.
"Dude, i toootally made that girl fly away last night"

"yeah dude, i heard her clear across town"
by Pube God September 30, 2011
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The wispy hairs one gets when their hair is not properly groomed. Often the shorter hairs before the ears and at the start of the forehead.
Her fly-aways made her look quite unkempt when she arrived to the dance.
by Chipmeister January 12, 2012
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To describe a past sensation of any form that is now over used or 'way over it's head' and boring. Living, no, surviving just on the fact that it used to be cool
(messenger)Tom : last night was so awesome ROFL
(messenger)Jim : why use "ROLF", it's such a Flyaway
by cubeanater March 27, 2010
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