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The origin of the name for an insect with colorful wings that is currently called a "butterfly", is a "FLY" that eats "Butter". Going even further back, the root of the name goes back to the dutch origin "Butter Shitter", because the dutch thought the insect poops on the butter.

Therefore, because of the incredibly non-sense name for this insect, I propose to re-name this beautiful insect as "Flutterby", which is a far more accurate name for it.
by speak August 16, 2013
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To be excited and nervous at the same time. Your heart is beating so fast, and you have butterflies in your stomach.
"When I see him he gives me flutterbies."
by CryztalShyne February 05, 2010
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the original name of the butterfly until mr. jiminy down the road invented a machine in 1912 to fly, when he named this the 'flutterby' so anyone who used the name had to give him 2 shiny pennys for copyright laws
man i had to pay mr. jiminy 2 pennys for saying flutterby yesterday.. wait.. DAMMIT!
by Davo shmavo July 23, 2003
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A mythical version of a butterfly. A flutterby only achieves the transformation from a crawler to a flyer by understanding the scope of his particular Tao.

The main character in Katrina Dominique 's poems and short story "Tao of a Flutterby".
Having finally reached the realization that his path was not as narrow as he once belived, the caterpillar woke up as a flutterby.

"From the very beginning our friend was shortsighted ! He was not a crawler, his destiny flighted.." from Tao of a Flutterby
by Sunfire June 29, 2016
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What a fag hag calls her shy, reserved, wallflower gay boy friend.
Why're you standing over here all alone my little flutterby?
by Ryan November 27, 2004
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