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A catagory of small animals, usualy that of the rodent family, and in some special cases cats. Usualy with short, small legs, a flurf will lie on its back when in danger, warding off predators with its overly lush, thick belly fur.
Equiped with small teeth and black lips, Flurfs have the ability to swiftly steal pieces of sausage in the night.
"that friggin flurf stole my sausage"
by Wiznon April 26, 2007
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An expression meaning "oh you", often used to reply to a compliment/action (usually sexual) however unlike "oh you" it doesn't have much use as a sarcastic reply. It is not uncommon for giddy teenage girls, camp gays to use this expression.
Jeuz: "Hey Jeatyn, I'd so like to bend you over and spank you"
Jeatyn: "flurf"
by Madjesty January 13, 2009
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a wad of toilet paper or seatcover strategically placed in a toilet bowl prior to doing one's business in a shared bathroom, to muffle embarassing turdsplashing sounds
All that splashing in the stall next to me was disgusting - the least she could have done was flurf the bowl.
by Sadie-pdx December 24, 2005
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The noise one makes when a cat vomits cotton wool.
"You should not let the cat play with that ball of wool; otherwise she will flurf everywhere!"
by OhyesitisI January 02, 2014
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