The act of flumping involves stuffing a flump marshmallow inside a volunteers bum 'ole and then proceeding to suck it out as romantically possible. Considered to be the most erotic and tasty act of sex.
Hey, baby. Are you down to flump?

Sure, I love me some flumping.
by Flump-Master April 27, 2015
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The act of two obese people having sweaty, fatty sex. Generally accompanied by the flat sound of skin flapping against skin, as well as by general walrus-like bellowing.
"Dude, I couldn't sleep at all cause my roommate was flumping that fat chick all night long"
by yagoah April 22, 2009
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A sexual act which is easy to try but difficult to master. The art of flumping involves two people pushing their asses against each other, with one individual farting so that said fart enters into the recipient's anus.
"How would you like to Flump?"

I sure could use a rough Flumping!"
by Flumpmaster777777 June 13, 2011
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When three or more heterosexual men (usually Bros) sleep in the same bed together with only boxers on after a long night of getting drunk.
"Yo man, wanna go drinking tonight?"
"Yeah sure, bring Ed?"
"Are we gonna be flumping?"
"If needs must, we shall flump"
by Boymankalot September 29, 2013
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The act of sitting on someone for fun or sexual gratification. The specified location of the "flump" is up to the user but commonly actioned on the - Face, Chest, leg and armpit. This act can also be delivered by one or more "flumpers" in accordance to the recipients ("Flumpee's") request.
"Dude, she fucking flumped me and I loved it"
"Bro, look at the junk in that trunk - I'd love to be flumped that all night long"
"Sarah whats wrong?" Sarah - "I think Steve is Flumping with someone else behind my back"
by jamondontoast2 October 05, 2017
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Waiving the bed sheets up and down while still in bed in an effort to dispel fart gasses
Example #1:
He: ( farts loudly in bed)
She: “Again?!” As she rolls over “If this one smells as bad as your last fart you’d better start flumping or find another place to sleep.”

Example #2:
(Coughing) OMG, you could at least start flumping when you fart like that in bed. I can’t breathe from your fumes.
by Juana B. Likejoe March 15, 2014
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