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The Floridian Sunset, (aka the Floridian Starry Night), is a sexual activity/act. You and your partner are having sex, and as you are about to cum, stop. Then, proceed to put it in her butt. BUT (no pun intended), as you enter, go VERY slowly (the "sunset". Used to build suspense.) When fully in, tell her/him to clench, and then ejaculate. (the "starry night". Used to relieve suspense.) After you cum, pull out, and have her/him shotgun it onto the window.
"Bro, you see the Sunset?"
"What sunset? It was so cloudy last night."
"No dude, I mean the Floridian sunset, yeahhh."
"Dude gross"
by Da Krooo November 02, 2009
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