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A person who has sex/ or rapes flowers and other plants.
A: Why are you sad?
B: I don't hang out with my friend anymore.
A: Why not?
B: She raped my flower, she's a floraphile.
by DeadPigeon April 21, 2018
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A person who enjoys have sexual intercourse with floral vegetation.
Example 1:

Chris' date stood him up and so he went home to relieve the sexual tension by engaging with floraphillia with a tree in his garden.

Example 2:

Julian: Sophus, what's your favourite type of floraphillia?
Sophus: Probably engaging with anal sex with my cactus, I'm a self-diagnosed floraphile.
by TheGreatWhiteBuffalo April 04, 2014
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It is surprising how messed up the mind can be. Any way, the act of doing the "dirty deed" with a plant.
The only one in history, Robert Mclandononaff, 27, was caught and sentenced to death in 1990 for being a floraphile
by The man dan with a plan May 21, 2018
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