Flor- Beautiful girl,usually with creamy caramel skin and brown eyes. Nice little figure, Shy and yet crazy . Inoncent at sight but an Exotic Sex Goddes on the down low. Weird and extremely intelligent. Charming,Funny,Sweet and Sexy .A Flor is someone you callwifey. Men and Women love Flor because she is the most amazing friend you can possibly have.You can call tell her your secrets and she'll carry it to her grave. Special girls get this beautiful name for it means pure and beloved.Thye're Understanding and unselfish.Very creative and courageous. . Fellas if you ever get with a Flor make sure you treat her like a lover and friend. For she is a rare gem. She loves to please her men mentally,spiritually and sexually. They tend to be really playful but knows when things are serious.She's someone you would never want to lose
by jasmine.garcia November 20, 2013
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The most beautiful girl in the world can be hardheaded but loved every one if u really know flor u know that she broken but keeps smiling even tho she wants to cry for hours
Flor your so pretty

:flor I'm broken inside a I died inside
by Maria15160 September 28, 2016
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Flor is an intelligent girl who is ALWAYS right. So listen to her. And she is sexy sexy sexy and is ALWAYS right. Listen to her cuz she's got a lot to say. No other girl is hotter than a Flor and she's got BAYOOTAFUL ass. Flor knows that everyone else is inferior so SHUT UP and stare when she talks to you and moves her ass. If she talks to you. She loves to party and she sings and is super sexy.
Look at Flor over there, how sexy

Look at Flors ass
by OhImJustHere321 September 19, 2012
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An epitome of beauty. A girl who both men and women will easily fall in love with and most woman will hate on her. She will never do you any harm, most loyal, attractive girl with a high rate of sex appeal. She’s as gorgeous as a flower and sweet, caring, and loving. She will never do you wrong. The most perfect woman you will want to marry and be with forever. She cannot be easily caught and tends to be very picky but yet simple.
She's as beautiful as a flor.

I want me a flor.

Como la flor
by hey you ya you February 12, 2010
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a real woman - beautiful inside and out! A true flower - that will put her man first! Sexy as hell! with great curves and gentle to the touch! The best woman out there!
by theurbanator February 2, 2010
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When one sees a random hispanic (female) one would say "Hello, Flor ..."
by LanceBot3000 September 20, 2005
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Flor has a very beautiful face. How can a girl be cute and hot at the same time? Only Flor. She is very sweet, loyal, smart, have a good sense of humour, fun to be with, will hold you down, and overall perfect. She is a good kisser and knows how to please her man. Not to mention she has an awesome big butt. If you ever fall in love with Flor, don’t ever EVER let her slip away, because you will regret it in the end. She acts cute in public, but is freaky in bed when it’s just you and her. Just be with her and never let her go.
Friend: Damn your gf seems wifey material bruh
Me: I know. She’s Flor. She ain’t from the streets. She belongs to me.
by u sus November 6, 2021
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