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Latin name: {flunkitus floobinus}

A dinosaur discovered years ago, long forgotten because it was not deemed fit to even be recognized by documented history. Fossilized remains of this shunned dinosaur were found deep in the earth, way back in 1934, but have been hidden from society ever since. There have been rumours that the once-alive creature seemed to have been so ridiculously boring that scientists completely disregarded it as a species, and moved on to more interesting dinosaurs instead. The "Floobinatorous" as it was named, was said to be a large, hairless, oblong-shaped animal, measuring around 3 metres long in some cases. It had no extremities to speak of and apparently had no way of moving. The enormous ribcage and tiny skull that were found at the excavation site lead scientists to believe that the Floobinatorous had a miniscule brain, but had a body mass made almost entirely of fat, forcing them to conclude that it was paralytic for it's entire life; only using enough brain power to slowly burn off it's own fat and perform basic bodily functions, until it died. There was no evidence that it had eyes or ears, but scientists are sure it must have had nostrils somewhere, so that respiration could take place. Only one Floobinatorous has ever been discovered so some believe it must have been a genetic mutant, or the horrible result of some prehistoric inbreeding. Either way, we will never know and undoubtedly might never find out, much more about this useless beast.
"Awww, he reminds me of the Floobinatorous."

"The what?"

"That huge, fat dinosaur nobody liked."

floob flooby fat dinosaur
by melzymoomin888 December 17, 2011
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