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Reciprocal flirtation with a girl or guy, signaling a mutual interest in taking things up a notch.
1. There were so many cute girls that seemed interested in me at the party, but I suck at the flirtback. I went home alone.

2. I got the flirtback from her last night, so I'm definitely asking her out!

3. Dude, she was all over you're ass, gotta step up your flirtback!!
by JaneeBananee September 18, 2010
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Like a comeback, except with flirting. Used when one, most likely a romantic interest, flirts with another who returns with another comment. They go back and forth to attempt to playfully out-flirt the other.
Cody: "Did you just hear Thomas out-flirt Stanford?"
Jules: "Yeah! He couldn't come up with a flirtback afterwards!"
by GOLDFISH. February 11, 2018
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