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something long, hard, slick and hairy. It is very hard to catch because it is very slimy and wet after it is used.
I couldnt catch my flingo after i used it.
by eemmsss July 25, 2010
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is what you would call a person you associate with and are on good terms. some one your cool with would be your flingo.
you could say , "whats good my flingo" or even , " what you about to do tonight flingo?"
by jamieandmarcus April 09, 2010
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A type of language in which the F-word (or freaking) is combined with other adjectives. This language was adapted from the commonly used flingo word "fugly" aka "freaking ugly".
Guy 1: "That party last night was so fawesome! And the cake was just famazing! But did you see that fretarded floser? He just made the whole party fawkward by being there."
Guy 2: "Woah! What a fample use of flingo man!"
by Flingo Translator September 19, 2010
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