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A career or part time job that involves watching the Hobbs meter tick while spending unusual, long, and demanding hours in the cheapest, stripped down, mechanically unsound aluminum can all for the goal of displaying the magic of rote learning to a student. Sometimes the aluminum can is also known as being airworthy, but that is a made up word the mechanics will use to comply with the legal mumbo jumbo and is hardly ever true. The majority of the instruction is given in the busiest airspace with little to no safe guarding; such as reliable radios, transponders, or even the most basic necessity-transparencies you can actually see out of. The students, the prime income of a flight instructor, are stubborn, top-gun wanna be pilots that no matter how ever you try to persuade differently about the aircraft only having one 100HP engine, will still rotate the nose to fifty degrees on takeoff, that is if they even bother to show up for the lesson from being to (insert bullshit excuse here).
I think I will work three other jobs to pay for my one flight instructor career.
by Laszload November 24, 2009
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A brave and astute individual, most likely also an alcoholic, that tries to be killed many times on a daily basis only to be paid minimum wage if they are lucky training cocky big headed students that one day will have hundreds of lives in their hands.
I saw a flight instructor take a swig from his flask of whiskey and kiss the ground right after his student tried to land the aircraft upside down.
by willabeast7 June 24, 2010
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