A female alternative to the word "Masturbate". Form of masturbation of a female where she masages(flicks) the clitoris(bean).
"Hey Julie, Wanna go shopping some more?"

"No, I think i'm gonna go sit in the car for awhile, maybe flick my bean."
by David ( Frostbyte ) February 14, 2005
all the lads shouting flick the bean fairly sure that’s about Susie.
Flick the bean is female masturbation, flicking the clitorus of your PUSSAY

All the boys are talking about flicking Susie’s bean.
by BossManStan&DHS September 14, 2018
Play with your ass. Or the act of playing with you vagina
Hey babe I'm gonna go flick the bean don't wait up !
by Lindsey_lover123 September 25, 2015
female masturbation, when a female rubs or "flicks"
her clit
i caught my wife "flicking the bean
by M.Kelly January 3, 2007
boyfriend: damn, you were in the bathroom forever.

me: yeah, well i had to shampoo, condition, and flick the bean.
by lemmy_poppins July 23, 2008