Being able to move your body or body parts In normally uncomfortable positions like a gymnast with ease
Bro my girl is super flexable dude she can put her legs behind ger head
by Space tent February 22, 2019
gay, leaning towards the other team
Ya its 2016 but why all these niggas gotta act so flexable
by ScottFitz December 31, 2016
An item or outfit used for taking fuckboy pictures,looking like a fuckboy, or flexing in any way form or fashion.
“Let’s take fuckboy pictures chad” “no Dave I didn’t bring any flexables
by Yungdaggerrdickkkk September 23, 2018
Ones ability to show off their assets.
Gucci manesflexability” is off the charts! He bought an Audemars Piguet watch and a Rolls Royce Phantom in the same day!
by Black n mild child May 12, 2022