11 definitions by Space tent

When a female gets on her knees and is like "give me your fucking load" then she sticks her tounge out and the male shoots cum out his hard throbbing cock all over her face man juice everywhere
Male: oh fuuk I'm gonna cum!

Female: (gets on her knees)"yeah give me your fucking load!!" (Sticks her tounge out)

Male: uuuhhghh fuuuck(He cums all on her face)

And that's how I gave my first facial
by Space tent February 16, 2019
Dominics sex slave she gets turned on and really horny around him
Naomi: Hmmm where's dominic???
by Space tent February 10, 2019
Feet that look so good it makes your butthole feel good
Damn she got sum sexy ass feet
by Space tent February 22, 2019
When a man or a women cums everywhere basically a lot of cum
My girl likes to lick up all the messy fun we make
by Space tent February 27, 2019
Being able to move your body or body parts In normally uncomfortable positions like a gymnast with ease
Bro my girl is super flexable dude she can put her legs behind ger head
by Space tent February 22, 2019