Phrase accidentally created by Yung Miami of City Girls when she misspoke promoting a twerking competition.

They later repurposed the phrase to describe a situation where a rich guy will fly a girl to a different location for a lavish weekend of shopping and restaurants, usually followed by the girl putting out.
"Bitch tryna get flewed out for the weekend"
by Double Sugarplay December 31, 2021
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To be flown out of the city, state, or country by a guy/girl who wants to see you badly and who’s about to spend a bag(money) then send you home.
Hey girl, Amber just asked me can she borrow $200.

Oh girl, I thought she just got flewed out” or “What she need your money for, she just got flewed out last week “
by Heavy Dosage March 31, 2019
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City girls twerk challenge will pick the top 25 girls. The top twenty five girls will get flewed out.
by 305 all the way live November 18, 2018
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