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The act of flendering is simply when one person is flirting with another person yet not using any verbal or physical actions. They are simply flirting back and forth using their facial expressions. This is often seen through "kissy faces", "blushing", "Winky-Dinks", and the "Shrugging of shoulders combined with a slight smirk". A combination of all these result in what is known as floundering.
Felipe: Hey Javier!
Javier: Hey felipe!

Felipe: I enjoyed your use of floundering last night on snapchat
Javier: *Winks *Smirks

Felipe: *Shruggs shoulders while blowing a kissy face and winking his eyes
Carolyne: Wow they are floundering right in front of me.
Flendering- Flirting by using only facial expressions
by FelipeandJavier January 25, 2017
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