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Once a primal god, this being decended to the earth and immediately shed light upon his existance. Beings in His path, however paid no attention as they watched for their false god to perform new tricks and magics. Bemused of their attitude, the decended god cursed them all, which later ended their lives in a five-day-stretch of indifference.

FleetAd can now be found in a solitude corner of the world, often stretching his limbs out to touch others who may grasp His existance for that of good. Those who have been touched by FleetAd are often left with a dizzy sense of both pleasure and confusion - this is often considered to be awe-struck.

To keep those under Him in line, He will often call out in a resounding roar, reflecting underlings unworthy of his eyes.

A time ago, there was a raging battle between Him and an underling. (See: Calvinbah) The decended God flung a simple potato at the underling, taking it directly to the mouth and suffered a minor concussion. Sadly, this has rendered the underling a feeling of superiority. The damage done to it's brain was significant, but not life-threatening. FleetAd was humble enough to settle upon the continued existance of Calvinbah and now keeps him as a Jester.
FleetAd: Good god.
FleetAd: My hands smell EXQUISITE.
FleetAd: I'm tempted to lick them.
by Dichromaru March 10, 2008
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