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German five dot camouflage, developed for use in the temporate woodland of western europe, with new infra red disruptive dye is now far superior to British DPM and Danish M83 in this terrain. Rivaled only by new breeds of Digital camouflage being developed by the Canadian Military and elite US marines Units.
Where is he? i havnt got a f**cking clue mate, he's wearing a flecktarn BDU
by Major genesis August 06, 2005
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Flecktarn camouflage was developed from a late WWII version of German oakleaf called Dot M-44. This pattern was developed with the use of roller printing processes and eliminated the need for the previously used spring and autumn patterns of oak leaf.
The camouflage pattern used by the German military after WWII is called Flecktarn.
by MrDark December 06, 2006
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I am adding to my last definition. Since no one listed the colors of the german flecktarn dark green, light green, black, red brown and green brown or tan depending on the manufacturer. Also the chinise(no i am not chinise) PLA have developed a flecktarn set that is made up of shades of brown. Flecktarn(full name flecktarnmuster) translated to german is fleck=spot or blot and tarn or tarnmuster=camouflage.
Once you go flecktarn you"ll never go back.
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German woodland camoflage pattern. Widely considered to be one of the most effective patterns in existence, and developed no doubt because Germany feels its been too long since they went Teutonic on the rest of Europe and need to beef up their war machine. Seriously, its been like 60 years since they started a world war so I reckon we're due.
Hey Chester, it looks like that German army marching through Paris is wearing Flecktarn.
by C++ January 20, 2006
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Flecktarn also known as flectar or fleck is the bestest camo in the world. It is a 5 color type of camo that was developed in the mid 80's and bares a resembalince to the nazi oak leaf camo used in WW2. It confuses and disruptes the human eye is perfect for the woods, because it works well in the woods it is very popular with paintballers. There is a desert type that is three colors tan,green and brown. The Danish have developed there own flecktarn that has no brown and works well in fields.
Omg flecktarn is so hard to find.
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