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To be flavorblasted, a member of either gender must eat a bag, or a large amount, of flavorblasted Goldfish. Once the fingers have a healthy coating of cheese, salt, etc, one can "flavorblast" their own anal cavity, or someone else's. Usually, the activity ends here, but in some states, the person who did the flavorblasting can eat the residue from the anal canal.
"Steve, hurry up and finish those Goldfish, I've been waiting to get flavorblasted for twenty minutes."
by Bbc69 October 02, 2014
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When someone eats enough cheese flavored snacks to acquire a thick layer of cheese dust on their fingers and then smacks someone on the ass, leaving a cheesy handprints.
"Did you see Tina's butt??? "

"Yeah, she must have gotten flavor blasted by Jeremy. I saw him polish off a bag of Cheetoes a few minutes ago."
by CuriosaFatale March 05, 2018
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