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An individual who denies a globe earth due to his/her inability to draw a line on conspiracies. The more "woke" they are, the more they can brush off those pesky, trivial 9/11 conspiracies and the like.

Someone who will waste hours of your precious time sending you shitty memes about sun beams and how you can't see the curvature of the earth. Often times are also creationists who believe the earth was magically created 6000 years ago.

One who can't handle the thought of being insignificant, so they make themselves the center of the universe.

An unfortunately growing percentage of our youth.
Flattard: Hey dude do you believe in any conspiracies?

Dude: Yeah man! I don't think EVERYTHING happened as we are lead to believe. 9/11 is pretty fucked!

Flattard: No, dude, I mean like REAL conspiracies.

Dude: uhm, excuse me?

Flattard: like the earth is flat dude!!

Dude: wait, are you saying that's a conspiracy theory or are you saying you think the earth is flat?

Flattard: **whips out these shitty memes about sun beams and the curvature of the earth**

Like, dude, it just doesn't add up.

Dude: But... yes it... does....

Dude 1: Yeah, this dude I met thinks the earth is flat.

Dude 2: like a real life flattard? ZOOOMG I must talk to him.

Dude 1: Plz don't.
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by Wingsuit Wally August 27, 2017
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Someone who says the Earth is flat just to look like a spastic or be defiant.
Person 1: The Earth is flat because reasons!
Person 2: You are flat-tard scum. You don’r deserve a brain.
by TheMastodon May 02, 2018
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