A dude that has to flash his jewelry, cash, cars, or expensive possessions to get girls.
Man#1: Look at homie over there tryin' to Mack on Becky.

Man#2: Oh that ain't nobody but Flash Gordon!!! She wouldn't even stop to talk to him if that fool wasn't drvin' a brand new Cl 500. Dude has no game.
by boo&brasen October 29, 2014
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When you smoke a cone whilst chucking a shit and you time it so the cone punches as the shit leaves your asshole
I just did the gnarliest Flash Gordon the toilets fucked
by Tommy cox November 19, 2014
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oxy moron of very tired ass sneakers. they are so old that the pieces of the shit are coming apart, primarily worn by the UGLIEST people
Flash !! Gordons, flying through the sky, flasy !! Gordons, sneakers in disguise,
then you proceed to laugh insanely
by Incediblystylish April 24, 2005
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