Used in place of a swear word when one happens to be inconvenient (such as when one's girlfriend's parents are around). It is meant to replace an interjection, such as when one screws up or gets injured.
"Oh fuFLARGLE that hurt!"
by Evillight September 15, 2007
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the act of flailing ones arms while wiggling ones hips in a spastic, uncoordinated fashion. It originated with Adam Perin, Technical Artist at Runic Games.
Adam is known to flargle to rounds of laughter, but some find the motion strange and peculiar.
by B2theEck September 30, 2009
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1) A direct adjective used to describe an imbecile.
2) A trash Fortnite player.
3) Anyone who states a negative opinion to a Nintendo product.
4) Your dad on weekdays.
5) People the day after they play Phantom Forces on ROBLOX.
6) Insert your own witty remark here.
Did you see that dope-head over there? That flargle is trash.
by WahHey_HasType? June 04, 2018
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