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The most painful sex position ever conceived. You begin with anal sex lubricated by gasoline, then when both you and your partner are almost at the climax you drop a match on your gas-covered genitals lighting them ablaze. this is what known as the 'Flaming Monkey'.
Jon and Amy died last night.

What? How?

Flaming Monkey. I always though Jon was to beautiful for this world anyways...

Wait... what?

by boomrobot9003 October 27, 2010
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A rare breed of monkey that is born on fire. They live for 15 minutes; in which time they live fulfilled lives (get degrees, have children...And on occasion, rewrite the collective works of Shakespeare). Always found in large groups.
They make excellent lobby groups.
Often found when induced chemically.
oh my god, its the flaming monkeys, they burn, they burn! they burn so good!
Flaming Monkeys for Congress. Vote Crisp'n' Today.
by zZah May 25, 2003
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