A Drinking Game for the Creative Folk in which people pair off and try to answer absurd questions.
Kenny: Joe’s wife has a thing for black men. Joe’s job has just required him to move to a black neighborhood. How can Joe keep his wife from having sex with a black man?
Billy and Sandra: Wow that's tough to answer, maybe he could spread mayonnaise on her everyday.
Kenny: Good answer now everyone else drink!
Billy and Sandra: Fix Me Champs!
by Neurotic Visionary May 21, 2011
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When a friend helps you find a date or a hook-up.
Fresh out of prison, Stephan asked his brother, "Hey man, your girl is hot. You gotta fix me up with someone like her!"
by phanrepublic April 18, 2016
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A slang request made by somebody for food
Spack No.2: "Hello, how can I help?"

Customer: "Yeah can you fix me up some cookies and a Chicken & Bacon wrap?"
by Jack Spank9049 December 25, 2022
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