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The term used in the morning when the alarm clock rings. This is probably the most dreadful time of the day because these five minutes will go by like none other.

This time especially sucks when you under slept that night.
Oh fuck, it's 6:30... Five more minutes please.
by Ya' Digg June 17, 2009
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a phrase used by semi-conscious people when needing more sleep; usually followed by more sleep or a glass of cold water
Mother: "Darling, wake up."

Son: "Five more minutes, Mom!"

by balloonjuice616 August 23, 2008
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1. Where a person asks for more time to do something, but will ask for another five more minutes once those five minutes are done.
2. An excuse to beat that Minecraft Griefer up, no matter how long it will actually take in real world sense.
Note- The amount time you consider five minutes to be will vary greatly depending on the person you ask. A female who says her makeup will be done in five more minutes is using the same timescale as a male who says a game will be done in five more minutes.
"Time to do your homework, Jimmy!" Jimmy's mother chirped.
"Aww, five more minutes?" Jimmy pouted sadly, from his Mario smashing frenzy.
"Alright, but be sure to remember!" his mother said as she went out the door.
7 hours later...
by Hiding in yo shed September 03, 2014
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