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all five finger being slapped across some ones eye. no matter if it is left or right.
"If you keep talking back i'll give you five across the eye!"
by Revan Ecks August 11, 2006
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to slap someone across the face.
five referring to the number of digits on your hand.
this is usually something done by a parent to their child when the kid is unruly.
kid: duh, i'm a stupid kid, i'm gonna knock over this vase
dad: boy!! that's five across the eyes!
kid:waaaah! i am little bitch, but i sure learned my lesson.
by spanky July 16, 2003
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To slap someone across the face with the front or back of your hand.

Refers to the five fingers.
Say that again and ill give you five across the eyes!
by George December 19, 2004
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To slap some one with all five fingers and put wrist into it to make sure it stings
When the nasty bout touched me on my booty i gave him five across the eyes
by O'So Krispie October 18, 2005
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