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A person (usually female) who plays down the fact that they are wearing a fitbit, while simultaneously showing it off to everyone within hearing range of their upper-middle class voice.
Mindy: Hey Danae, is that a fitbit?
Danae: Oh, yes it is... It cost me $300 and it's the latest model, AGAIN, but I just use it to monitor my sleep patterns.
Mindy: Oh, Ok.
Danae: Ughh OMG, I'm at 6500 steps and Tabatha is at 8000. Now I will have to speed walk around Whole Foods in my yoga pants, just to get to my calorie target.
Mindy: Oh, Danae. You are such a fitbitch.
by Slap the Penguin August 12, 2015
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To fake fitbit activity by attaching it to your dog and letting it run outside.
"I'm too tired to run today, I'm going to fitbitch it"
by frenchpressedpuddin February 06, 2014
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