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1. Acting especially cat-like
2. Acting like the preceived stereotype of your race
a. Wow, that cat is so fisky- look at it scratch me. Ouch.
b. That Mexican dude is so fisky, that he is wearing a poncho and sombrero!
by 343GS September 01, 2003
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1) Given to formulate and spread conspiracy theories or otherwise intricate, unusual and occasionally accurate postulates.
Maybe I'm just being fisky, but when George W. uttered his arrogant and yet totally psycho chuckle during a press conference and winked at the press secretary of the week, I decided that it's possible he's just playing dumb in an attempt to lure us all into a false sense of security while he secretly turns this country into a cross between Hee-Haw and Birth of a Nation.
by the truth is wayyyy out there September 19, 2006
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