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One of the most important and infamous movies in American history. It's infamy comes from the fact that it is THE most racist movie ever. It's all about how good the Klan is. The only reason it's important is that is one of the very first motion pictures ever.
That "Birth of a Nation" movie scares me.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 23, 2005
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A 92-year old, 190-minute silent film pilloried by incredibly self-congratulatory, thick white American teenagers who think that in doing so, they are contributing as much to the advancement of racial causes than Martin Luther King ever did in a lifetime.
Incredibly Thick White American Teenager: "The entire 190 minutes of The Birth of a Nation is the most vile piece of sick racist crap ever, because of a handful of scenes that represent ideas that with the benefit of hindsight, we are now able to see were regrettably misguided"

Rational Person: "But it was an unprecedented box-office phenomenon. It could be very probable that your direct ancestors were amongst those who paid to see it, thereby contributing to its popularity"

Incredibly Thick White American Teenager: "Dude you are such a racist fag douchebag"
by Michael Hates Stupid Americans September 09, 2007
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