01. ones way of modifying the vegetarian lifestyle by adding fish to their diet.

02. an individual who will not eat meat or poultry but by choice or belief eats fish.
i consume fish but, i do not consume meat or poultry; therefore i am a fishetarian.
by alec! July 11, 2006
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Usage: often capitalized
Function: adjective & noun

1 : one who believes in or practices Fishetarianism
That woman is a fishitarian, she only dates other women.
by SvenTribulous July 9, 2004
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Function: noun

: the theory or practice of maintaining strictly female homosexual relationships.
I heard she has been totally into fishetarianism her whole life, never having dated guys at all.
by SvenTribulous July 9, 2004
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A person who eats all meat except for any seafood.
"hi, do you want to go fishing?"
"No sorry, im a Non-Fishetarian"
"What is that?"
"A person who doesnt eat all meat except for seafood".
by theIKing November 7, 2011
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Ms.Firestine said she does not eat meat but eats pescado cual means shes Fishetarian.
Ms. Firestine-"I don't eat meat but i like to eat fish" Me- "ohhh so you're Fishetarian" Alex-"Ohhhh thats sooo cool"
by Eylinnnnnnn May 5, 2021
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