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The last name of a pack of inbred white trash hillbillies living in Freeport, Texas.
Fishbocks in general have cognitive abilities similar to that of moderately disabled children. Their mental faculties are severely lacking in any and all the arts and sciences of today. When it comes to employment they're usually stuck to manual labor or simple jobs, such as mowing lawns, stocking groceries, or digging ditches.
They lack any true people skills, only being able interact with basic body language, and occasionally some rehearsed jokes or phrases. They are compelled to degrade others, in order to cover up their own flaws and disabilities.
They appear to be suffering from malnutrition and are overall scrawny, but whether its actually malnutrition(due to the fact they are poor and destitute), or just inferior genetics has yet to be determined. Due to the fact they're born with an irregularly formed Hypothalamus their hormone levels go unchecked. This hyper hormonal state, similar to menopause; leaves them in a constant alpha-male mindset. While in this mindset, they puff out their chest trying to make themselves appear larger than they truly are, in order to scare off predators and rivals. Increased levels of estrogen give them a feminine appearance as well as shrinking their already minuscule genitalia.
Fishbocks have no known allies, and are absolutely friendless. They will hover around popular people or anyone with friends to make it seem like they share said friends. They will often surround themselves with any and all available females to create the illusion that they are a superior mate. It is a futile ruse. Any females which do cling to these creatures do so out of pity and a innate desire to protect the weak and helpless.
Fishbocks should have died off now, but a combination of dumb luck, pity, and stubbornness have let them scrape out an existence in the lower levels of society.
1. Chris Fishbock is a Fishbock, therefore should die.
2. Fishbocks do not know what rabbi's are.
3. Fireman is to hose, as Fishbock is to minuscule genitalia.
4. Fishbocks will turn to homosexuality at the first sign of failure.
5. Fishbocks appear to have a total upper cleft lip when they smile.
by corrupt1 January 16, 2009
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