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A prevalent facial defect found on SJWs and feminists where their mouths are permanently slunk down to the sides of their chin, thus giving the appearance of a retarded fish. These features are often accompanied with the standard privilege checker glasses, a huge honking nose that blows when triggered, and unfitting hair colors.
Doctor: I'm sorry to say that you have developed Fish-mouth Syndrome due to prolonged exposure to Tumblr.

Girl: PATRIARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by IReallyDontLikeYou May 12, 2016
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Fish-mouth Syndrome is a condition that infects most of the SJW community. You can tell if someone suffers from this just by their upright-triangular-frowning mouth appearance (which also exposes the front incisors). This facial expression gives the infected person a stink face, with subtle hint of mental retardation.

Patients with FMS (abbreviation for Fish-mouth Syndrome) often have attention seeking hair styles/color, wear nonprescription glasses, and have at least one body piercing. They are easily "triggered", which prompts them to uncontrollably defecate from their mouths.

Cure: Common sense and more exposure to the real world.
Barista: Welcome to Starbucks ma'am. How can I help you?

Fish-mouth Syndrome patient: Oh my god! Did you just assume my gender? How dare you?! I refuse to be oppressed by your white cis male privilege. I will boycott all coffee from now on since you offend me so much. RAGE RAGE AGAINST PATRIARCHY! Now if you would stop harassing me, I have a pitcher of male tears to consume. Check your privilege.
by ForFuckSakeMate September 12, 2016
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