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A prevalent facial defect found on SJWs and feminists where their mouths are permanently slunk down to the sides of their chin, thus giving the appearance of a retarded fish. These features are often accompanied with the standard privilege checker glasses, a huge honking nose that blows when triggered, and unfitting hair colors.
Doctor: I'm sorry to say that you have developed Fish-mouth Syndrome due to prolonged exposure to Tumblr.

Girl: PATRIARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by IReallyDontLikeYou May 12, 2016

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A year that you could wipe your ass with and not be able to tell the difference between your shit and what happened during 2015. In fact, you probably can't tell the difference between 2015 and the rest of the 2010's.
Bob: It's 2015! We're supposed to be getting hoverboards this year!

Joe: Nope, just more god awful entertainment.
by IReallyDontLikeYou August 15, 2015

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a female an older male dates that are typically much younger and could be considered fake.
Karen: "Have you seen Chad Michael Murray's new girlfriend?"

Taryn: "Yeah. She is a total barbie."
by ireallydontlikeyou October 12, 2007

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