The act of walking into a fast-food establishment with a large group of 12 or so people and ordering a meal. After meal is prepared line up in a parallel line with the counter to distribute food. After distribution the leader of said group shouts "FIRE" at which the group throws the food back at the cashier, cooks, etc. Then upon completion of the act the group leaves the establishment.
Leader: 12 Big Macs please.
Cashier: Of course that will be insert amount here.
(after receiving food)
Leader: Would you mind if we form a line to better organize, a firing line if you will?
Cashier: Not at all.
Leader: Okay, so everyone's meals are correct?
Group: Yeah.
Leader: Right then, FIRE!
by Scrammbles September 20, 2011
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group of humans awaiting sex
(you choose name) was working on him/herself while waiting his/her turn in a fire line
by michael foolsley December 2, 2009
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A strip of pubic hair on a red headed woman. On other women it's commonly referred to as a landing strip.
She's got that fire line all the way down to that sweet fire crotch.
by Jadyn Fyre July 19, 2019
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