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Often known as a ginger. Firelords are the only ginger or firecrotch in your group of friends giving that lava head the title FIRELORD.
Fire lord is the tip top of the ginger world.

Kyle radtke is the firelord of bartlett illinois

Kaplan had to fight off the firelord when he went airborne with ginger videos.
by Kaplan Productions February 09, 2011
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Is the king of Fire, obviously
The only known Identity for this guy is his FB name which is Ranjay DMB. He controls fire at his best.
Boy: Waah , too cold.

/combustion forms in front of the boy as Firelord arrives

Boy: Ahh, perfect.
by Ninja Movers Fanatic January 11, 2011
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The head of the Fire Nation; similar to a king. When the Firelord passes or retires from his position, his eldest son will take his place, the only exception being Firelord Azulon, who passed his rank onto his second son Ozai, overlooking his son Iroh's birthright.

The past three Firelords; Sozin, Azulon, and Ozai; were closer to tyrants than monarchists, trying to conquer over the remaining 3 nations, and sending the world into a war against the Fire Nation.

The current Firelord is Zuko, who is working tirelessly to help rebuild the world and seek forgiveness of the Fire Nation after the war.

He lives in the palace with his wife Alisha, their son Eric, who is next in line for the throne, and their daughters Azerai and Zaralya.
The Firelord has scheduled a meeting with High Sage Shyu.
by FireladyAliko August 23, 2011
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