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Noun. Substance applied to food to increase spice, to make more intense. If describe as figuratively applying to an item, referenced item would increase in intensity, pace, speed or importance.
You better pour some Fire Sauce on that project and get it done quicker.
by scarface1978 February 04, 2012
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A hot girl in the drive thru or lobby at taco bell. Used as code so the female isn't aware that all the employees are staring at her.
Hey, I need some fire sauce at the window
by Kevintaco October 06, 2007
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The best and most highly regarded descriptor that one can use in reference to an object or event when evaluating said item's worth based on the Taco Bell Sauce Scale (or simply "Sauce Scale"). The term "Fire Sauce" is used to describe a girl that is banging, a badass object, delicious food, or an idea or event that is totally off the hook. Items that are declared as "Fire Sauce" are vastly more cool than items declared Mild Sauce, and slightly more B.A. than items declared Medium Sauce.
"Yo man, your Integra is fire sauce, dude."
"Thanks, man. I spanked two dudes in a Mustang earlier."

"HOLY SHIT! Did you guys just see that chick that walked past? She was total fire sauce!"
by De La Nooch September 22, 2008
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Used to describe how good/hot/fine/sexy/ill/ something or someone is.
Damn! Nigga that shorty was Fire Sauce!
by Grant Lund July 30, 2008
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