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The ship name for the most realistic relationship on the show 'Glee' because of the character's opposites in personality.

A merged mash-up name for the characters: Finn + Santana = Finntana.

The "Finn" in Finntana is for the shy, innocent and kind part of the relationship while the "Santana" part of "Finntana" represents the daring, outgoing and wild side of the relationship.

Clearly the two belong together because Finn would help calm Santana down and cool her down from her wild personality while Santana would make Finn more outgoing and fun. She would show him how to let loose. He will show her how to be serious and he will be comfortable with her enough to show his wild side because she herself is wild.

The two are perfect for each other and FINNTANA is the ultimate relationship that should last on GLEE.
Finntana would definitely have the best sex.
by finntanafan2132 July 11, 2011
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