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A way to express your reciprocal feelings for someone while being ironically uncomfortable.
by Jetflexer July 31, 2018
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A way for creepy people with porn mustaches to say hello or "I understand". Hold your fingers in the shape of guns (use both hands for maximum effect) and point at someone who just arrived. Bend thumbs to simulate shooting your finger guns and make a clicking sound with your mouth. May be accompanied with a wink in extreme cases.
That dude that looks like he just fell out of the 70's just offered me a piece of candy and then winked and gave me finger guns. I said no.
by K1dCuervo February 27, 2008
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its the way some people react to a joke or a greeting. by snapping their fingers, pointing them immediately afterwards, and is sometimes followed by the word, "Ayy"
person 1: -snaps and points finger guns- ayy
by useless lesbian January 09, 2015
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Used by placing the "gun" to the side of one's own head or under the chin, as if committing suicide, to indicate a strong desire to be put out of one's misery, either from boredom or exasperation.
-Hey, have you seen jose's picture?
No, why?
-He has a finger gun to his head!
Oh, I think he wants to take away his life:\
by Dyablo October 02, 2011
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What douches do in two-person photos. The d-bag will put one hand on the back of his companion to relax and distract the person. With the other hand he will make a gun shape and point at the person's upper body. The other person is now a douche too, but isn't aware of it because they're looking at the camera.
Goddamnit Bob, why do you always douche it up with the finger gun!
by W_L January 01, 2010
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the act in which one person provides sexual stimulation for another person by making a gun with their fingers, before thrusting the 'gun' in and out of another persons holes while making a shooting noise with their mouth.
Situation 1:

John: "I was out last night, and this dirty hoe asked if i would finger gun her, what the fuck!?"

Situation 2:

Person 1: "I was finger gunning your mum the other day and.."

Person 2: "Wait, what!?" *Beats the shit out of him*
by (: kcoc sekil gnhK June 12, 2010
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