The one Final Fantasy game I could fix to make it right, and I mean the Famicom game.
Jeez! Who made Final Fantasy II?
by This Is A fuck win March 1, 2018
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This is my house. My close friends know, that even though I am a guy, I am Priestess Kai/Ki, from Makai Toushi Saga 2: Hihou Densetsu/Final Fantasy Legend II, and Saga 2: Hihou Densestu - Goddess of Destiny. Final Fantasy Legend II, also appears in Collection of Saga/Final Fantasy Legend, known in Japan, as The Saga Collection.
Being the real-life version, of Priestess Kai/Ki, living in The Final Fantasy Legend II House, brings me much joy! Then I will no longer have to hate myself, and can accept myself, as a real life Anime JRPG character!
by jrpgkin April 14, 2022
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Guy 1: Final Fantasy II is bad because it has an unbalanced and quirky level system

Guy 2: then play the GBA port. Lol
by Gingerbreadbedhead March 10, 2022
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