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Wordplay of feels and limbo, the state of mind that occurs 3-4 hours after one is subjected to intense emotional feels
Dude, yesterday I watched this super sad story on tha tubes and then that night I was so deep in fimbo I had to cry myself to sleep
by Alexiosassypants April 28, 2014
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A bimbo that is a five (maybe cute if you squint, but not hot)
Sarah Palin is neither smart nor hot -- she is a total fimbo.
by Beliterate March 10, 2011
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A fake Bimbo. One who goes against and/or is fake towards any other bimbos.
Katie: did you hear what lauren said about allison the other day??
Annie: no, but I wouldn’t put it past her to talk... she’s a fimbo.
by LocalBAB June 06, 2018
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