Filmcow is a YouTube channel run by the enigmatic Jason Steele, an awesome genius. Among the awesome videos made by Filmcow are Charlie The Unicorn, Llamas With Hats, Marshmallow People, the Ghost House series, and Detective Heart Of America, which spawned the Kickstarter funded film, Detective Heart Of America: The Final Freedom. Every Filmcow video is hilarious, and even the shortest video is better than any 30 minute episode of Rick and Morty.
Me: Did you check out the new Filmcow video?

Some dude: Heck yeah!! I wish the Bearnicorn was a real animal. It's dumps are magic, you know.
by KrispyDymond December 26, 2017
A YouTube channel that if you know of, its because of Charlie the unicorn or llamas with hats. They mostly do cartoons and its a moderately successful channel run by Jason Steele. Oh and for some reason there's another thing call filmcowextra with motivational cartoons and restaurant reviews, ran by the same guy and I'm trying to figure out if its a joke or not
Guy 1 Omg da candy mountain
Guy 2 hey what about that depressed whale?
Guy 1 oh is that an =3 video or something?
Guy 2 its a filmcow video
Guy 1 I use youtube
by kgsoloman5000swagzeppelin November 15, 2013
The internet equivalent to that weird kid in the corner who nobody really notices until he kills his entire class.
Man have you seen the filmcow forums lately? They're a mess.
by rikmaksen November 4, 2007