Filiberto the most loving person on earth good looking any body is lucky to have him as a friend or special someone. Can't be disrespected by friends or anyone.
Girl #1 hey who's that kid
Girl #2 you mean Filiberto the good looking guy
Girl #1 yeah him
by The kid nick March 29, 2017
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An awesome place to eat with the best burritos and amazing tacos. You want freaking good mexican food? Go to Fili-B's! Place is good, especially when your drunk. The sizes satisfy.... mmm, mmm. mmm. Almost like making love.
Guy: Dude I'm hungry.
Bro: filibertos is 24 hrs and I'm high and wasted.
Guy: let's do it.
Bro: Hell yea, I'll drive.
by Mexican Salsa February 03, 2010
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