A person who has the position of the leader in a country or organisation.
Periyar is the idealogical figurehead of the Dravidian movement.
by The Black Shirt July 6, 2021
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A figurehead is an insecure mama's boy who likes to act tough on internet chat rooms and forums. Often spends hours researching material to come across as knowledgeable, but more times than not will be incorrect. A figurehead is easily spotted when confronted with bogus information. A figurehead will become combative, resorting to name calling and throwing fits.
When called out on his obvious lack of knowledge on the subject, figurehead started ranting, raving, and calling everyone an idiot. He had nothing else to backup his comments.
by ForumGod April 13, 2009
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An upperhead/leader without any real power.
Queen Elizabeth II is A figurehead because we live in a democratic society.
by Balllicker1230 January 6, 2021
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A sexual position where one participant is penetrated from behind by the other, while the penetrated partner has their arms are held behind them (as opposed to with their hands on the ground, supporting their weight). In this position, the penetrating partner must support the weight of the penetrated, who leans out and forward, resembling a figurehead, or carved wooden decoration located on the prow of old ships.
Sam: Look, this guy just messaged me on Fitocracy!
Christina: Look at those arms!
Sam: It's kinda scary actually.
Christina: He totally wants to figurehead you.
by earnibbler December 31, 2013
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