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A website designed to bring Fitness and Video games together to create a competitive fitness based social networking website.
"I just earned 505 points for my workout on Fitocracy!"

"You should try Fitocracy, it actually succeeded where the Nintendo Wii Failed"

"I need 10 more points to level up on Fitocracy!!!"
by Little_miss September 12, 2012
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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1.) An online fitness community combining latent gamer tendencies with popular health and fitness regimes and trends with the purpose of creating an unstoppable army of freakishly fit nerds that do a lot of virtual fist-bumping.

2.) An amalgamation of the terms "Fitness", "Ocular" and "Racy" that describes an online social health and fitness-minded community of individuals who work out and take pictures of themselves mostly naked so as to show others, gain followers, and thus become propular. Also see "fitness pr0n".
1.) "Dude, I just leveled up by completing this quest AND I earned an achievement!" "Are you playing Skyrim?" "Pfff...NO! I'm playing Fitocracy, so now I LOOK like the guy in Skyrim!" "No way!" /fistbumpRLprops

2.) "What does NSFW mean?" "I forget..." clicky "Holy crap did you see that guy/girl's {insert flexed/shapely body part of choice}?!" "Yeah. Wow. We should follow that person and start doing squats. Right now."
by ChalkBeard September 17, 2012
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Fitocracy - a social network where white knights who don't lift trade foreveralone fist bumps with women who pretends to lift.

Jokes aside, seriously supportive community.
Flowchart of of DYEL fitocrat male:

1. Look! HAES teenage girl barbell lounges 315lbs for reps on fitocracy.

2. Give props because that's totally plausible and there's a deceptively hot myspace photo.
by cwjzhnxx January 16, 2013
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