Guy 1: Did you hear about Sam?
Guy 2: No, what?
Guy 1: She got wasted at a party and slept with Jones and got genital warts!
Guy 2: Figits!
Guy 1: Figits for real.
by BigBlackTravis3 August 18, 2009
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You’re a bucktee that talks/speaks none sense.
Yo dude, why you talking in figits?
Omg Oolana is so annoying, she keeps speaking them figits.
by IDFKKKKKKKKKKKKKK November 15, 2018
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moving around to much...cant keep still
why you so figitive...keep still
by trucker b August 20, 2018
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adj: to fiddle incessantly with one’s digital device.
I tried to talk to her, but she wouldn’t put her iPhone down. She’s way too figital for me.
by brain child ! December 23, 2015
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a phrase that only divine beings may utter from their mouths.
a color that can only be perceived by humans that have elevated from the mortal plane. (btw it happens to rhyme with digital)
"Oh my God, Souljah Boy is going digital,
I roll up in a chevy, same color as figital."
by SouljahBoysIsGOD November 25, 2009
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physical movement as a result of an uncomftorable social evniornment.
i dont want to be watching this i will use my figitness to avoid the socially akward situation i put myself in cause i want to be around you..
by September 30, 2010
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