A quiet person who is very beautiful
She's such a Figh
by Mr King 27 May 17, 2019
act of "sigh"ing but instead of a long lazy sound consist of bad breath and bad vibes your so frustrated or just in despair you just say the "F" word long and lazily with still bad breath and even worst vibes
i got called a "B" word, i forgot to pay my phone bill and now i left my keys in my locked car.. (FIGHING) fuuuuuuuuuughck!
by luclown January 14, 2011
saying the "F" word while you exhale a long lazy sigh which consist of bad breath and bad vibes... (fuuuuuuuughck)
its gonna be a long day, (FIGH) fuuuuuuuuuuughk!
by luclown January 18, 2011
When someone gets high and has a fight with themself.
"Ha! He's getting figh again!"
by mousier bonjour February 3, 2003
"Kim should not be wearing those booty shorts with her big fighs"
by thekashkow May 7, 2013
High as fuck with a twist. Something you would mix up while intoxicated.
John: Man you are messed up!!
Bob: Im figh as huck.
by Benjamin Harris August 5, 2005