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When a guy drunk textes you and looking for a booty call he's so fucked up he can't even spell it and says FICKED!
Paulo - you out?
Daniela- what's up?

Paulo- Just left jacks uptown! I'm Ficked lol
Daniela- I'm busy
Paulo- ok sorry

Daniela- "girl he was Ficked last night, he wanted to meet up!"
by DianaBella20 July 28, 2016
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A combination of the word Fuck and Wicked. Why risk offending people around you by screaming "that was fucking wicked!!" while playing BlackOps, you can scream "that was FICKED" (pronounced: fick-ed, sounds like: fickehd)
I just got 20 kills and unleased the dogs on Blackops - that was FICKED!!!
by DigitalRanger December 21, 2010
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